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Visiting Dundreggan

We welcome visitors to Dundreggan. If you're planning to visit, please read the following important information about the estate.

About Dundreggan

Mountains and young trees, Corrimony

Rainbow over silver birches and junipers
on Dundreggan.

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The 10,000 acre (4,000 hectare) estate is mainly open upland habitat and lies on the north side of Glen Moriston, one of several valleys situated to the west of Loch Ness. Dundreggan lies close to the Glen Affric National Nature Reserve and the RSPB Nature Reserve at Corrimony. There is an estimated 225 acres (90 hectares) of existing native woodland, mainly concentrated in two areas in the south. Scattered fragments of native woodland lie next to most stream courses, most of which is Ancient Woodland. The native woodland is dominated by silver and downy birch, in places in spectacular association with juniper. There is a diverse species range including ash, aspen, cherry (gean and bird), common alder, goat willow, oak, rowan, Scots pine and wych elm. Shrub species include blackthorn, dog rose, hawthorn, hazel, holly, guelder rose, juniper and eared willow. Many of these species are sparsely represented. The majority of the woodland is mature and even aged. Significant areas of dwarf birch can be found in the northern half of the estate often growing with prostrate juniper, providing the potential for the development of montane scrub. An area in the east was enclosed in 2002 and planted with native species and in the west a commercial conifer plantation was established in the 1980s. The name Dundreggan is derived from Gaelic Dul Dreagain, the Dragon's Haugh, which describes a warrior or hero.

Visiting Dundreggan

Directions coming from Inverness:

  • Take the A82 south towards Fort William
  • Turn right at Invermoriston onto the A887 towards Kyle of Lochalsh
  • Follow the road for about 7 miles until you see a green sign on the right "Trees For Life Dundreggan Estate"
  • Turn into driveway. Parking is available to the right of the track

Three way marked walks lead from the car park which allow you to access an attractive area of ancient semi-natural woodland as well as open moorland. If you wish to see an example of more recent tree planting carried out on the estate, we recommend a visit to the area near the River Moriston, where dedicated trees were planted in spring/autumn 2009 (marked on the map to the right). This area is very easily accessible from the road (A887) and provides a good point of reference for the type of planting that we are doing across all planting sites. To visit this site, as you travel from Invermoriston on the A887, about 1 mile beyond the loch, just after the woodland on your left, is a small lay-by slightly before you reach the turn-off to "Dundreggan Estate". From there you can follow the signs through a gate and then head down alongside the fence towards the River Moriston. You will find another larger gate in the fence through which you can enter the planting area.

The 2010 - 2011 planting site is difficult to access as it is 4 km on foot up a rough track and across wet heath and bog. Similarly, the 2012 - 2015 planting site is remote and challenging to get to. Anyone planning to visit these sites, marked on the map to the right, must have an Ordnance Survey map and ensure they have suitable footwear, appropriate clothing (wet weather gear, layers of warm clothing) and provisions. Only those with an appropriate level of fitness should attempt leaving the tracks.

Please don't expect your trees to be individually marked - bear in mind that the newly planted trees will be part of a larger forest. Trees for Life cannot accept responsibility for your visit. The Estate is a beautiful, wild area, and as such should be treated with respect. Please take only photographs, and leave no litter. Dogs must be kept on lead.

Published: 2nd July 2009
Last updated: 15 April 2013

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