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"A very educational week with lots of fresh air and exercise, where you gain a new perspective on the biodiversity of the Highlands and our relationship with it."


"A great insight into forest management and lots of opportunities to learn about and engage with the Caledonian Forest."


"Very varied week, beautiful surroundings, nice people, inspiring project."


"A fantastic and inspiring experience in a wonderful setting."


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Wildlife Weeks

Wildlife Weeks are ideal for those who want to participate in a Conservation Week but would also like to spend time learning about and observing the wildlife of the Caledonian Forest. The weeks are split 50:50 between normal Conservation Week activities and specially-tailored wildlife experiences, with the usual day off mid-week to explore the local area or relax and enjoy your surroundings.

We offer three Wildlife Weeks:

Iconic Birds of The Highlands - 25th May

Focussing on the magnificent birds of the Scottish Highlands, this week will offer the chance to see many of the Highlands' iconic species and will include talks on the managmement of some of Scotland's rarest native birds. Conservation activities will focus on habitat restoration to benefit these species.

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The week will include the following, plus much more!

  • A day trip to the stunning Isle of Skye to see white-tailed eagles, the largest of our birds of prey and the third largest eagle in the world. This will include information on the reintroduction programme, which has now been successfully completed on both the west and east coasts of Scotland.
  • A walk around Dundreggan with Roy Dennis, world-famous ornithologist and raptor expert, plus a talk on his ground-breaking osprey and sea eagle projects.
  • A day's birding in our Project Area with a local expert. We hope to see Scottish crossbills, crested tits and many more species.
  • A talk from the RSPB Corrimony warden on capercaillie and black grouse management in the Scottish Highlands.
  • An early morning trip to RSPB Corrimony to see a black grouse lek, a true spectacle of the bird world.
  • The opportunity to visit the world-famous osprey viewing site at Loch Garten on your day off to see fabulous close-up views of nesting ospreys.

Up Close to Nature - 7th September

Led by Trees for Life's founder, Alan Watson Featherstone, this week offers fascinating encounters with Caledonian Forest species - from the colourful strawberry spider and rare wood ants, to the world of lichens, mosses and fungi. This exceptional wildlife experience wil be combined with practical conservation work.

potting seedlingsnurseryplantingploddanursery

The week will include the following, plus much more!

  • An opportunity to discover some of the remarkable ecological relationships within the Caledonian Forest.
  • A day in the beautiful Glen Affric National Nature Reserve, exploring the special biodiversity of the site.
  • Exploration and identification of plant galls, lichens and the mycorrhizal relationships of fungi and trees.
  • Evening presentations on the biodiversity associated with aspen trees and dwarf birch, and about the ecology of wood ants, aphids and slime moulds.
  • Time to explore a small area of woodland individually, to see how much can be seen when we're still and observant.

Caledonian Forest Mammals - 14th September

This week is designed for those who wish to learn more about the charismatic mammals of the Scottish Highlands. A special programme of wildlife watching will include a variety of native species, plus talks on various aspects of wildlife management. Practical conservation work will help to restore the biodiversity of the forest.

potting seedlingsnurseryplantingploddanursery

The week will include the following, plus much more!

  • An evening visit to Aigas to see beavers living on the loch, plus learning about their Scottish wildcat captive breeding programme.
  • A talk from our estate stalker about red deer management in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Wildlife watching from our on-site wildlife hide, with the chance to see pine martens at close quarters.
  • A talk on red squirrel conservation, plus the chance to see them in the wild.
  • Feeding wild boar at Dundreggan and learning about their role in forest restoration.
  • A talk on Scotland's missing species and the challenges involved in trying to reintroduce them.


glengarrypicAll our Wildlife Weeks are held at Dundreggan, a 10,000 acre estate in Glen Moriston that is owned by Trees for Life and which we use as our field base. It contains a remnant of the ancient Caledonian Forest and is especially noted for its exceptional juniper-birch woodland. Our forest restoration work is well underway and ancient birch and pine woods, montane habitats, moors and burns invite exploration. It has been described as a haven for biodiversity, supporting many rare and endangered species.

Further details on accommodation, opportunities for your day off and wildlife are available here.

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