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Forest remnant

Aspen and birch amongst Scots pines at the east end of Glen Affric; Trees for Life's vision is to restore a mixed native forest like this.

Red deer hinds

Red deer hinds and juniper on Dundreggan.

Ants nest under trees

Wood ants' nest under pines

Taking out the strainer wire

Fence removal: taking out the top wire


European beaver. Photo by Laurie Campbell.

Caledonian Forest Information Centre

A growing information resource about the Caledonian Forest, with detailed scientific information about the forest ecosystem and its constituent species. The material here will be expanded regularly as the information is gathered together and articles are written, so please check these pages often.

Species and processes

Ecological features of the Caledonian Forest
Detailed information about the ecological features of the Caledonian Forest ecosystem. Our intention is, over time, to provide a comprehensive description of the entire ecosystem and all its constituent elements. This will complement our series of Species Profiles.

Caledonian Forest Species Profiles
Trees for Life is compiling species profiles for all the flora and fauna which together constitute the Caledonian Forest ecosystem, both species currently living there and extinct species which naturally belong there.

Missing Species of the Caledonian Forest
Species known to have been lost from the Caledonian Forest in historic times, due to human exploitation and habitat destruction. Trees for Life advocates their return as essential parts of a healthy and self-sustaining ecosystem.

Human impacts on the Caledonian Forest
Human activities have been the major cause of the reduction of the Caledonian Forest to its present day figure of just 1% of its original extent. Links to pages on this site which focus on some of the ongoing impacts of human activities on the surviving forest remnants.

Practical Techniques of Forest Restoration
Detailed information about some aspects of our practical work.


As well as our general planting and forest restoration work, we run some projects on specific aspects of the forest.

Aspen project
Aspen supports a range of species but is under-represented in the Caledonian Forest. The Aspen project aims to increase aspen numbers and link up isolated stands of aspen.

Woodland Ground Flora project
Woodland ground flora and the life it supports adds significantly to the diversity of living things in a woodland. This project aims to enhance existing populations, and establish them in areas where they are absent e.g. in new planting.

Montane Scrub Project
This project aims to raise awareness of mountain woodland, or Montane scrub, including montane species such as the Dwarf Birch.

Scientific data, information resources and biodiversity

Scientific data about the Caledonian Forest

Hazel Information Resource
Links to the data about hazel which is currently held on this site.

Dwarf Birch Information Resource
Links to the data about dwarf birch which is currently held on our site.

Biological Diversity in Glen Affric
Lists of species recorded so far in Glen Affric and details of some of the surveys.

Biological Diversity on the Dundreggan Estate
Lists of species recorded so far on the Dundreggan estate, and details of some of the surveys.

Scientific research projects in the Caledonian Forest
Until recently, the Caledonian Forest has been little studied. Trees for Life has had a programme of scientific research since 1990, and a number of students have undertaken studies for us. More information about existing and possible future research projects.

Images of the forest

Caledonian Forest Photo Gallery
Photographs from the Caledonian Forest on a particular theme.

Other Resources

Articles about the Caledonian Forest

The Mythology and Folklore of the Caledonian Forest
Articles about the mythology and folklore, and human uses of, the Caledonian Forest and its component species.

Links to Other Sites containing Information about the Caledonian Forest

Much of the material on these pages have been published in our Caledonia Wild! Newsletters which are distributed to our Members.

Trees for Life is an award winning conservation charity working to restore the Caledonian Forest
and all its species to a large contiguous area in the Highlands of Scotland.

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