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Tiny fungi on log in Strathfarrar

This small stock-fenced area on West Affric, protecting a young eared willow, is now lush with bluebells, the first to have flowered there for centuries. 

Dead pines in Strathfarrar.jpg

These Scots pines and birches, planted on West Affric by our volunteers in the 1990s and seen here in June 2012, contrast dramatically with the surrounding treeless landscape. 

Old Scots pine in Strathfarrar.jpg

Jill Hodge with 11,000 downy birch seedlings in our nursery at Dundreggan, to be planted out this autumn. Just imagine the new forest these will grow into. 

Dead Scots pine

Time is running out for our forests and wildlife. Your donation will help to replace dead trees with healthy new woodlands. 

Some more of the Scots pines that were planted on West Affric in the 1990s by our volunteers, photographed in June 2012.

Some more of the Scots pines that were planted on West Affric in the 1990s by our volunteers, photographed in June 2012. 

Vanessa Collingridge, one of our patrons, planting an aspen in Glen Affric, with pines planted by our volunteers visible behind.

Vanessa Collingridge, one of our patrons, planting an aspen in Glen Affric, with pines planted by our volunteers visible behind. 

Roy Dennis, one of our patrons, planting the first tree of our Million More Trees campaign at Dundreggan in June.

Roy Dennis, one of our patrons, planting the first tree of our Million More Trees campaign at Dundreggan in June. 

Appeals for Funds
Please help us to plant a million trees in the next 5 years!

Having planted a million trees, we’ve set an ambitious goal of a million more in five years, so please make a donation now to our Million More Trees appeal!

Dear Supporter,

Thanks to you and our other supporters, Trees for Life has now planted one million trees. We’ve created 4,000 hectares of new Caledonian Forest and worked at 45 different locations across our Project Area. With almost every tree planted by a volunteer, and funded by supporters like you, that’s a fantastic achievement.

Potential for natural regeneration
Potential for natural regeneration

This is the difference you can help us make. Scots pines we’ve planted at Athnamulloch (left) and Glac Daraich (right) in Glen Affric, flourishing amongst blossoming heather, and returning life and diversity to the landscape.

Amongst these emerging forests, a complex web of life is now renewing itself. Dense carpets of moss, heather and blaeberries are alive with insects. Forest birds and wildlife are beginning to make their homes in this expanded habitat, including some of our rarest species. Black grouse numbers are steadily increasing at Corrimony, and pine martens are regularly seen at Dundreggan.

West Affric is one of the earliest places where Trees for Life began work. Volunteer groups planted trees there in the 1990s, and when I visited those sites in June, I was deeply touched to see how this work has progressed, restoring life and diversity to the land.

Beyond the trees we’ve planted, however, the view could not be more different. An empty, bleak landscape stretches into the distance.

Seeing these treeless expanses is a powerful reminder that we can’t stop now. That’s why I’m asking you to make a donation today to help us restore the forests with a million more trees.

Will you help restore the Caledonian Forest with a million more trees?

Stretching from Loch Ness to Skye, our Project Area is breathtakingly beautiful. Amongst the landscape of mountains, lochs and glens, you can already see the impact of our first million trees. Young woodlands are beginning to replace the old and dying trees of the former forest. These trees, which you have helped to plant, will take decades to mature. Some will still be standing five hundred years from now.

At current rates of work, it would take 10 years to reach our next million trees. However, time is running out for the forest and its unique wildlife. With your renewed support, we want to set an ambitious target to double our efforts: one million more trees in five years is our new goal!

There are a million reasons why I am asking for your support now.

By sending a donation today, each tree that you fund will make a real difference to the restoration of the Caledonian Forest. Your contribution will help to:

A million trees in five years is our goal, but like any journey, we need to start with small steps. Here are some examples of what we’re planning in the next year:

  • Follow up planting on West Affric, to add to the trees already growing there, and to bring species diversity to the areas that have been fenced for natural regeneration.

  • Planting trees in a cleared part of the commercial plantation of non-native conifers on Dundreggan, to restore it to natural forest.

  • Further work to protect regenerating aspens, and to plant new aspen seedlings at Scatwell, in the northeast of our Target Area.

“Magnificent and magical, the Caledonian Forest is a wild place at its most wonderful. Every single tree planted helps to restore one of the world's greatest woodland habitats. One tree will be used by a thousand species in a forest that will stand for 10,000 years, which in that time can be enjoyed by millions of people. Great forests are established one tree at a time.”

Gordon Buchanan

Wildlife cameraman and BBC film maker Gordon Buchanan planting the Millionth Tree of our project at Dundreggan in May.

It costs just £5 to plant and protect each tree

To implement the three projects I’ve outlined above, we need to raise a total of £20,000. By sending a donation today, you can help us to take these first three steps towards a million more trees.

The planting of the millionth tree is a fantastic achievement. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to launch the next phase of Trees for Life’s work: together, we can plant a million more trees for the Caledonian Forest.

Donations can be made very simply using the link below and my sincere thanks for any gift that you can make.

Yours sincerely,
Signature: Alan Featherstone
Alan Watson Featherstone
Executive Director

PS. If you send a donation for five or more trees, we’ll send you a stunning Caledonian Forest print (below). Thanks a million for any contribution that you can make!

Glen Strathfarrar


Please follow the link below to make a donation to the Million More Trees Appeal via our secure server.

We can also take your donation by phone: tel. 0845 458 3505. Thank you.

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