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Appeals for Funds
Lone Pine Restoration Appeal

Please make a donation to support this project now!

Please make a donation to our exciting new forest restoration project on the Achlain Estate in Glen Moriston, and help us give some company to the lone pine on the upper Allt Phocaichain stream.

Lesser twayblade orchid

Lesser twayblade orchid, photographed by the upper Allt Phocaichain stream in June 2003.

Lone pine

The lone Scots pine on the upper reaches of the Allt Phocaichain stream on the Achlain Estate is at least 1 kilometre from the next nearest pine.

Dear Supporter

For several years we've been expanding our forest restoration work in Glen Moriston, where many remnant patches of the Caledonian Forest are scattered along the valley. I'm delighted to report that we're now ready to take a major step forward in the recovery of the forest there, with a significant restoration scheme along the upper reaches of the Allt Phocaichain stream on the Achlain Estate.

We have the agreement of the estate's owner to establish a 26.5 hectare exclosure for a combination of natural regeneration and tree planting, and this will go ahead next year. We expect that most of the costs of this will be covered by the new Scottish Forestry Grant Scheme, but the initial grant payment will leave us with a shortfall. Thus, I'm writing to you today to ask for your help in raising the balance of £4,350 which we need to fund this exciting initiative.

A dream project for woodland restoration

Situated in the south of our 600 square mile target area for forest restoration, Glen Moriston formerly contained large tracts of native pine and oakwood. Today, only isolated fragments of woodland remain, but there is an excellent opportunity now to help these patches regenerate, and to link them up as a larger, contiguous forest. The upper Allt Phocaichain is a particularly good case in point, as it contains remnant riparian woodland, widespread montane scrub with dwarf birch, and a single, solitary Scots pine - the last survivor of the forest which once grew there. Remarkably, we found dwarf birch growing right under the canopy of this lone pine and this is the only location in Scotland where we have seen Scots pine and dwarf birch growing in such close proximity. That fact, together with the other special features of the area, has led our Field Officer, Adam Powell, to describe the upper Allt Phocaichain as a woodland conservationist's dream project. Now, with your support, we can turn that dream into reality!

Please help us bring some company to this lone pine!

For me, some of the saddest sights in Scotland today are the deforested landscapes which have just one or two trees left as the only reminders of our lost forest heritage. When I visited the upper Allt Phocaichain in June, I was touched by the plight of the solitary pine there and its lonely vigil over its depleted surroundings - this tree is the last living link with the past in this part of Glen Moriston. Now however, with your help, we can also make it a link to the future, by providing it with the company of a new generation of young trees. By responding to this appeal, you can help us restore this area to healthy, vibrant native forest.

Here's why this project is so important, and what you'll help us achieve:

Dwarf birch

Dwarf birch in flower, along the upper Allt Phocaichain stream in June 2003.

Adam Powell

Adam Powell surveying the remnant riparian woodland along the Allt Phocaichain stream.

  • We'll plant 11,500 trees - birch, rowan, alder, Scots pine and other native species - to complement the natural regeneration which will spring up from the seeds of the surviving trees.

  • The exclosure will protect the unique combination of dwarf birch growing under the canopy of mature Scots pine, and will facilitiate the growth and regeneration of the plentiful dwarf birch plants in the area. This will provide the opportunity to re-establish the complete vegetation transition, from pine woodland to the montane shrub community, which has almost completely disappeared from Scotland.

  • The exclosure will also enable special plants, such as the lesser twayblade orchid shown above, to flourish and spread in the regenerating woodland.

  • This scheme, on the upper reaches of the Allt Phocaichain stream, will link up with the work being done by Forest Enterprise lower down the watercourse (which we will be helping with in 2004). Integrating these projects will facilitate the restoration of a continuous tract of riparian woodland along the Allt Phocaichain, forming a forest habitat network, which is vital for wildlife and for the further expansion of the forest itself.

This project is also important to Trees for Life, as it will be our first restoration scheme on the south side of Glen Moriston, and its successful completion will open the way for us to carry out other projects in the area.

What would Christmas be, without a tree for company?

As we approach the festive season, it's a time when everyone values and cherishes the people closest to them - friends, family and loved ones - and this takes place in the company of a special tree, the Christmas tree. I invite you to join us in bringing some company this Christmas to another special tree, the lone pine on the upper Allt Phocaichain, by sending a donation for our restoration project there. Please help us make this special time of year a celebration for the trees as well, by contributing to what you, and everyone who supports Trees for Life, also values and cherishes - the return of a beautiful, wild and diverse Caledonian Forest.

To make a donation online to this project, please go to our order form, and thank you in advance for any support you can give - your support means a lot to me (and it means, literally, new life to the trees!).

Yours sincerely,
Alan Watson Featherstone
Executive Director


Please click here to make a donation to the Lone Pine Appeal via our secure server.

We can also take your donation by phone: tel. 0845 458 3505. Thank you.

PS. Every donation, no matter its size, will make a positive difference to the return of the forest at the Allt Phocaichain stream, so please respond to this appeal today!

If you would like to make a donation for a different aspect of our work, please see our Appeals for Funds.


If you have found the information on this page and/or website useful please consider making a donation, for example to our current appeal and/or becoming a member of Trees for Life, to help us further our work of restoring the Caledonian Forest. You can join or make a donation on-line via our secure server if you like, or contact Trees for Life by post, phone or email at the address below.

Published: 1 December 2003
Last updated: 05 July 2012

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