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Alan at a lectern

Trees for Life's Executive Director Alan Watson Featherstone gave a lecture tour in March and April.


Rainbow over trees

Rainbow over Scots pines and birches on Dundreggan.


Planting a pine

A Conservation Holiday volunteer planting a pine.


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Millionth Tree Lecture Tour

Alan's lecture tour

Throughout March and April, Alan travelled the length and breadth of Britain informing and inspiring audiences with The Millionth Tree lecture tour - promoting and celebrating the work of Trees for Life since 1989 in helping to restore the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland.

Featuring outstanding photographs of the forest and its species, and dramatic ‘before and after' images that show the changes that have occurred as the forest returns, the tour provided a positive and inspiring message about how we can all help to reverse the process of deforestation.

Please also see our press release about the tour.

Please hover your mouse pointer over the numbered
locations below to view itinerary details.

Note: Details may change, so please check here again close to
the date you are interested in attending.

Entry by Donation

  • 1. Ullapool: 16th March
  • 2. Perth: 19th March
  • 3. Edinburgh: 20th March
  • 4. Aberdeen: 21st March
  • 5. Glasgow: 27th March
  • 6. Machynlleth: 10th April
  • 7. Shrewsbury: 10th April
  • 8. Hereford: 11th April
  • 9. Aberystwyth: 12th April
  • 10. Worcester: 13th April
  • 11. Stroud: 14th April
  • 12. Bath: 16th April
  • 13. Totnes: 17th April
  • 14. Eden Project: 18th April
  • 15. Brighton: 19th April
  • 16. London: 20th April
  • 17. Norwich: 21st April
  • 18. Leicester: 22nd April
  • 19. Leeds: 24th April
  • 20. Sheffield: 25th April

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Published: 30 January 2012
Last updated: 28 May 2012

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