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Birches, Allt na Imrich


Orchids in heather

Creeping ladies tresses orchids growing prolifically amongst heather and blaeberries at Coille Ruigh in Glen Affric.

Leave a gift in your Will

Why make a will?

If you want to be sure that the things you value go to the people and causes you value after your death, it is important to make a will. Failure to do this can mean the fruits of your life's work ending up in the government's coffers for them to spend as they like!

A living legacy

Leaving a legacy to Trees for Life is one of the most effective and long term ways to support the restoration of the Caledonian Forest and help counter the global loss of our forests.

In a very real sense the whole of Trees for Life's work is a legacy in itself, a gift to our children and our children's children, a gift to the planet of inestimable worth: the legacy of a restored landscape, a renewed living forest, a revitalised ecosystem, a habitat for long exiled birds and animals, and an example and an inspiration to those who come after us.

Ways to leave a legacy

  • A Pecuniary Legacy - a specific sum of money.
  • A Residuary Legacy - the amount left over in your estate after all other pecuniary legacies and gifts have been made and after all administrative costs have been deducted. This type of legacy keeps pace with inflation and is the best way for Trees for Life to benefit from your bequest.
  • A Gift In Kind - bequeathing specific items such as your house, car, jewellery, shares etc.

Adding to your existing will

This can be done by adding a simple form called a codicil. Your solicitor can help you draft this; you do not need to completely rewrite your will.

It is important that you engage a solicitor to create or add to your will. This is actually much cheaper than expected with costs generally less than £100. This way you can ensure that the wording is correct.

If you have already mentioned Trees for Life in your will, it would help us plan ahead if you could give us an idea of the nature of your intended bequest.

Thank you for considering supporting us in this way!

Email: Tel: 0845 458 3505

Other ways to support Trees for Life

Created: February 2006
Last updated: 23 January 2014

Frost on oak leaves

If you love trees, if you love forests and their wildlife, if you love the Scottish Highlands, or if you just want to leave the world a better place, please consider leaving a legacy to Trees for Life; a legacy that will live and grow for generations to come!

Plodda Lodge, Trees for Life's field base and tree nursery

A substantial bequest in 1996 allowed Trees for Life to renovate its first field base, Plodda Lodge, using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Plodda Lodge was used by our Conservation Week groups, and as our aspen propagation unit and tree nursery until 2011.

Trees for Life is an award winning conservation charity working to restore the Caledonian Forest
and all its species to a large contiguous area in the Highlands of Scotland.

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