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Alder Tongue Fungus

Close-up shot of the tongue fungus and the alder cone.

Alder Tongue Fungus

The alder tongue fungus, at bottom left, growing out of an alder cone collected on Dundreggan in early April 2010.

Alder tongue fungus found at Dundreggan

At the beginning of April, one of our Conservation Holiday focalisers, who is also a keen amateur mycologist, found the alder tongue fungus (Taphrina alni) near our previous field base at Plodda Lodge. The following week, we also found it at Dundreggan, on an alder tree near the River Moriston, and both these finds are significant because there are only about a dozen records for this species in the Highlands of Scotland.

The fungus itself grows out of the ripening cones of alder trees, after the female flowers have been pollinated in the spring. Initially green in colour, it forms a gall that changes to orange and then dark brown, and becomes woody by the autumn. It takes the shape of a 'tongue', protruding out of the alder cone, and it will persist on the cones through to the following spring, when the cones fall off the tree as the new growth of spring occurs.

This fungus is relatively scarce in the UK, and these records from Dundreggan and near Plodda Lodge are being added to the UK fungal records database by Liz Holden, who has carried out several fungal surveys for us on Dundreggan.

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